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Water connects and nourishes every person, plant, and critter in the state of Maine. From small streams and ponds to major rivers and giant lakes, all the way to the expansive coastline and Gulf of Maine; the quality of water has vital health and economic impacts for all of us. Please join us in promoting our messages. Together we can keep our waters clean and safe for all types of users and nature.

Love Clean Waters

What you do matters.

Use nontoxic cleaners and waste pumpouts for your boat. Avoid fuel spills.

Clean up dog poop from beaches or docks.

On shore, carry out your own poop and TP if there are no facilities.

Keep beaches and shorelines litter free. Clean up after yourself and others.

Skip balloons at your celebrations – even accidentally released balloons wreak environmental havoc.

Love Resilient Waters

Support working waterfronts. Buy local.

Respect private property. Follow usage rules and guidelines.

Help prevent the spread of invasive species.

Inspire others to Love Maine Waters. Ask them (nicely) to care.

Love Shared Waters

Respect others on the water.
Be neighborly. Wave.

Use common courtesy and common sense.

Give way to working vessels. Leave fishing gear alone.

Watch your wake and noise. Let nature’s rhythms and sounds prevail.

Give wildlife a wide berth. Observe from afar.

Love Safe Waters

Be prepared. File a float plan. Carry a VHF.

Boat wise. Wear a PFD. Boat sober.

Know where you’re going using your GPS, nautical chart, and compass.

Avoid hazardous areas and risky conditions.

Maintain your vessel. Check your safety gear.

Watch for swimmers, wildlife, other boaters.